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The Dead Daisies


The Dead Daisies

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Released August 2013
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Classic Rock
N of discs 1
Edition date August 2013
Label Spitfire Music


Reviewed by Raymond van Haaren

2013 was the year where we lost the supergroup Black Country Communion, but it was also the year of the birth of a new super group! Let me introduce you to The Dead Daisies...!!

The Dead Daisies are formed out of Jon Stevens (INXS), Charley Drayton (the X-pensive Winos/The Cult), Richard Fortus (Guns n' Roses/Thin Lizzy), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones), David Lowy (Red Phoenix/Mink) and Dizzy Reed (Guns n' Roses). A mix of very experienced musicians with all different influences and styles. For this same titled debut album the band teamed up with John Fields and together they recorded the album in a two week period at the Wishbone Studios. 

The album starts with ‘It's Gonna take Time’, a high hitter that shows directly that there are people in the band who like to rock heavy! With the second song they rock even harder with Slash. The famous hooded guitar player does a guest appearance on ‘Lock n Load’ and even if you didn't know this, you instantly hear his signature. This track, which is also the lead single, meets the Guns n' Roses standards of the early 90's.

‘Washington’ is a more bluesy riffed song and after hearing it two times you will sing it all along. ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah' sounds just like you say it party hard and sing along, while ‘Yesterday’ is a song that takes out the INXS style more slowly and is a song from the heart. Next tune ‘Writing on the wall’ is a song that gives you the feeling of a motor cycle rider who has deep thoughts during his Sunday drive.

With ‘Miles In Front of Me’ and ‘Bible row’ the Daisies go to the more darker blues days and they let you re-live the Johnny-Be-Good riff. One of my favorite tracks is ‘Tomorrow’ as it has great lyrics and a good tune and that's what music should sound like.

Overall I have to say it's another nice package if we compare them to Black country Communion. Musically you can't compare them as BCC is more in line with Led Zeppelin, while The Dead Daisies are more like the sleazy and dirty rock & roll bands. I predict we will hear more from this guys over the following years! They are here to stay, and as we speak there first song of there upcoming LP is already being written. Can't wait...

The Dead Daisies:
Jon Stevens - Lead vocals
Charley Drayton - Drums
Richard Fortus - Lead guitar
Darryl Jones - Bass guitar
David Lowy - Rhythm guitar
Dizzy Reed - Keyboards
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