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Joe Matera


Terra Firma

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Released December 2013
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Melodic Rock
N of discs 1
Edition date December 2013
Label W.A.R Productions


Review by Raymond van Haaren

Australian guitar hero Joe Matera returns with his second solo album called 'Terra Firma'. Outside the cold days are ahead of us, but inside we can warm up with the extraordinary sounds of Joe Matera.

Let's go back to the start of his career: Joe worked as a music journalist from 1999 till 2011. In these years he had over 600 articles published. His many interviews and features appeared in countless music magazines around the world. From Australian Guitar and Rolling Stone in Australia to Classic Rock, Guitar & Bass, Metal Hammer and Total Guitar in the UK, to Guitar World in the US and Chitarre in Italy. He provided exclusive interviews to online website Ultimate-Guitar.Com, and contributed to UK's Guardian Series Newspapers' 'Limited Edition' magazine as well as Fairfax Newspapers' M magazine, The Sunday Age in Melbourne, Australia. He also did some interviews with the cream of the rock scene like Joe Satriani, Kiss, Motley Crue, Steely Dan, Slayer, Aerosmith, Metallica and Thin Lizzy. 

From 2003 to 2008 he was a founding member of the band Double Vision, and from 2007 to 2010 of Geisha. In 2012 his first solo album was released and it was a very extraordinary CD because he showed us what sounds you can take out of an electric guitar. The album was called 'Creature of Habit' and contains the track Fallen Angel, the first vocal song Joe recorded.

So now Joe is back with the worthy follow-up Terra Firma, again released by W.A.R Productions. The album contains 6 instrumental jewels, 2 full band vocal tracks and 1 acoustic vocal track which you can consider as a bonus track. The CD starts with 'Intro III' and the guitar driven title track, and in a few minutes you notice that you really are relaxing and go with the music itself. Some songs are more like ballads and some are more melodic upbeat. For the ones who are afraid for instrumental albums: give it a shot, you won't regret it!

One of my favorite tracks on 'Terra Firma' is the instrumental, mellow song 'Night Flight' because on this tune Joe shows a real guitar lover like me, what you can do with the strings to make a melody come to life. The bending and the technique of this guy is outstanding.

Lead single 'Shining Star' is a nice vocal track with a guest appearance on bass guitar from The Sweet’s Pete Lincoln. In addition, there is a relaxed ‘acoustic’ version of 'Shining Star' featuring Lincoln alongside another of Joe’s great friends, Smokie’s Martin Bullard on keyboards. 

Joe goes back to his roots on the other vocal track 'Tell Me Why'. On this personal track he gives the his listeners a glimpse of his more darker period.

Only 9 short songs, but overall a good and well put together new album, enough variety, no weak tracks, so you will play it over and over again. Joe will be heavily promoting the album in May 2014 during a European tour which will include shows in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. So check him out if you have the chance...


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