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Released February 2014
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Psychedelic Rock
N of discs 1
Edition date February 2014
Label Self-released
Edition Details Digipack


Review by Raymond van Haaren

In 2012 in the deep South in the Netherlands a new psychedelic rock group was born: Amberjacks. The band started working on their debut album in the second half of 2013, which is now, February 2014, in my hands. Well, not exactly in my hands as the promo was released via a download link. For their same-titled album they teamed up with producer Wouter Bude at Moon Studio Maasbracht. Every song on their debut album comes from the band's own hands. So we can say it must be a high standard that drives the Amberjacks as most bands come along with at least 1 cover on their first album. 
The album starts with a 21 second prologue of some breathing and scratching, and then goes straight in to gear 4, where Mr. Gavin already shows his drum skills. You feel the flow he is in! The other members follow his lead very easy. ‘The Manic’ is a song of a man that is driven to get rid of his fear. The music tells the story and the singer describes it all. ‘Sweet Summer Rain’ is a song that shows you the feeling of the pouring rain on a hot day, and also what these guys are capable of. What a great lyrics and I love the chorus very much. The music is very diverse and yet so strong.
‘Black Water’ sounds like a good Pink Floyd song, a track that leaves you speechless. The guitar track and drums are one and you are very relax underneath this track. Followed by ‘Catch em Alive’ which is more for the Classic Rock lover like me. I am very pleased with this track! Certainly one of my favorite tracks! The first time I heard the song I thought: "Wow, what a guitar riff, I love it!" The song is exactly what the title says: Straight Rock n' Roll.
‘The River's Own’ is like a Hendrix track with a slow poke guitar that sounds like the old 70’s. The voice of Jack Westenberg fits the song very well, while 'Return of the Obeah Man’ is a darker tempo song with great guitar riffs and a good rhythm change after 1:50 minutes. I think this song is one of the favorite live tracks of the band because it has several opportunities for a good improvisation, something we rock fans all love!
‘Castle in the Sky’ is my most favorite track. Every time I listen to this song I got me triggered to take up my own guitar and play. I love the riff as it begins with a in-your-face rock style, it keeps you jumping up and sing-a-long. This songs is about the lies we all tell in farytails and the dissappointment we all get afterwards when we find out the truth.
‘Nation on Fire’ has a nice intro of some music in the back that goes forward and turns into a very cool song, kinda in the way of the better days of Nirvana. Finishing track ‘High Speed Love’ starts with a slow acoustic melody, then growing into a very dark song. The song is about a man addicted to fast love.
Overall I think Amberjacks did a very good job!!! Each band member deserves credits for their skills. If there is ever going to be another kinda 'Tour of Duty' TV series remake they should consider using Amberjacks songs. It takes you back to the late 60's/early 70's. I am convinced we will hear much more from these guys in the the future! So people make sure you buy your copy and go see them live on stage!!!!!
Jack Westenberg - Vocals / Guitar
Jeroen Ansems - Guitar
Brian Frederiks - Bass Guitar
Gavin Harte - Drums
Produced by Wouter Bude at Moon Studio, Maasbracht
Mixed by Wessel Oltheten at Spoor 14, Boxtel
Mastered by Pieter Kloos at the Void, Eindhoven
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