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Vandenberg's Moonkings



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Released February 2014
Format CD
Type Studio
Genre Bluesy Rock
Length 51:36
N of discs 1
Edition date February 2014
Label Mascot Records



Reviewed by Raymond van Haaren
2014 marks the comeback of our very own Dutch tucker, formally known as the Flying Dutch Man... Mr. Adrian Vandenberg. 2011 was the year we heard his first new track in years called ‘A Number One’ written for FC Twente when they were Dutch soccer champion. To me it was a track based on Queen's ‘We Are The Champions’. 
It was the first time that fans could fantasize that Adrian would rock again. After some struggles with the old 'Vandenberg' band mates about the rights for the band name, Adrian has come up with a new catchy band... I present to you ‘Vandenberg’s Moonkings’...
I know the early ‘Vandenberg’ stuff and I am a ‘Whitesnake’ fan so I am quite familiar with Adrians early work. When I heard about the new singer Jan Hoving I wondered if he could beat the early success that Adrian enjoyed with singer Bert Heerink? Well, I will answer that later.
‘Lust and Lies’ is a song about a game called 'Forbidden Love', the feeling you get when you love the girl of your best friend. How we handle the rules of friendship and lust. The song tears down your stereo! Singer Jan Hoving kicks ass on ‘Close to you’ and shows he deserves the mic. What a voice! ‘Good Thing’ is a middle tempo rocker that reminds me to good old 80's rock.
‘Breathing’ is a typical Vandenberg ballad that starts with a nice acoustic intro and continues with subtle strings layers. The chorus has an American modern feel. ’Steal Away’ is a 'Whitesnake' rocker with a very good sound and lyrics you will find yourself singing after two times. One of my favorite tracks mainly because of its energy.
Every time I listen to the intro of ‘Line of Fire’ I can't retain myself from thinking that this is written about the fight for the rights of the name Vandenberg because he is left alone and taken away of his very own family name by his former band mates. The song rocks and has a strong message.
‘Out of Reach’ is about the time when you are far apart from the woman you love, a song that will be loved by women for sure! The rocker ‘Feel it’ starts as a U2 song, while ‘Leave This Town’ has a Zeppelin vibe and some great guitar effects. 'One Step Behind' is a song about dreams we all want to reach but knowing we are one step behind every time we think to get it.
‘Leeches’ is very nice rocker that sounds like a modern Led Zepp track and ‘Nothing Touches’ makes you wanna jump up, sing along and forget the hard work you just did. You will turn up the stereo one last time before finishing the album with ‘Sailing Ships’. Once written by Vandenberg for Whitesnake's 1989 album 'Slip Of The Tongue'. Oh yeah baby, I hear you think... will David Coverdale provide the vocal parts??? Yes, he did! Recorded in his own studio especially for this version. A killer tribute to their mutual past.
Overall the answer about my 'Bert Heerink' question is... Yes, the new band deserves to be called CLASSIC and I think you all will love this album. Fans wil put this album among the other great Whitesnake, Manic Eden and Vandenberg albums, just like I did. Mascot Records should be proud of their new band! Highly Recommended.
Vandenberg's Moonkings:
Adrian Vandenberg - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jan Hoving - Lead Vocals
Sem Christoffel - Bass Guitar
Mart Nijen Es - Drums
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